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The week ahead... February 1-5

Counselor's Week

Student Council Carnation Sales begin

Monday, February 1 - Challenge #19 - Make time for exercise today. It can be a walk after work, a trip to the gym, or you could even try a short exercise video on YouTube.

STAT - refer to schedule

Staff Meeting - Cultural Sensitivity Training - all staff need to attend


Tuesday, February 2 - Challenge #20 - Start the day off by thinking of 3 things you are doing really well as a teacher. Say those 3 things out loud to yourself.


Wednesday, February 3 - Challenge # 21 - Write a note to a student who has done something kind or thoughtful to show them that their good deed is noticed.

Counselor's Day


Thursday, February 4 - Challenge # 22 - Organize the files on your computer desktop today.


Friday, February 5 - Challenge #23 - Share a successful lesson you had with a colleague how teaches the same subject or grad level as you. Encourage them to try it out.

Alief Go Red Day

Tailgate party - wear your favorite football team jersey (texans or otherwise)


Saturday, February 6 - Alief Honor Choir @ Taylor High School Auditorium @ 3:00

Coming up next week.... Tuesday, February 9 - Biometric Screening

Food for Thought - click the title below

Mission for the week - for students and staff

Students - tell an adult what you want to do when you grow up, what job do you want to have, also tell an adult what you are doing now to reach that goal

Staff - if a student is having a difficult time explaining what they are doing now that contributes to what they want to do when they grow up, help them with the things you see. For example, if they want to be a doctor, tell them how you see them finishing their work or helping others.

Shout Outs and Celebrations

Welcome your new staff members:

Pk teacher - Sindy Lopez

3rd grade dual teacher - Donna Grove

ESL instructional para - Adelina Cruz

Vacant posiition sub and interventionist - Janice Watkins

Shout out to Maylen - She is doing an awesome job as United Way tutorial facilitator. All of the students participating are making great gains.

The Smile Drive was a huge success. We collected over 880 items. Here are the winners of the popcorn class parties.

Pre-K-Stephanie Schmidt’s class

Kindergarten-Jenny Gonzalez’s Class

First-Tie between Laura Gonzalez and Lourdes Fernandez’s classes

Second-Tie between Leslie Cabañas and Nelda Solano’s classes

Third-Donna Grove’s class

Fourth-Myriam Vega’s class

HORN HERO WINNER - Week of Jan 25-29

We have a 3 way tie!!

Sasha Kennedy

Alicia Leyva

Meli Leiva

Congrats Ladies!!!

Horn Hero of the Week Ballot

Scroll down to the staff member you are voting for and click inside the box. Vote for only one person.

Updates and Reminders

From HR:

Notice of Leave – Please remind your staff it’s their responsibility to notify the

district or supervisor of the need for leave (within 5 days) and explain the

reason for leave, so the district can determine if the request qualifies under

the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). If the employee fails to do so, leave

can be delayed or denied.

The amount of advance notice an employee must give the district depends on

whether or not the leave is foreseeable. For example, if the leave is for the

birth of a child or a planned medical treatment, it is considered foreseeable

and the employee must provide the district with a 30 day notice before the

leave is scheduled to begin. Contact Melissa Grant in Risk Management at

281-498-8110 extension 4012 with any questions

Think about this for your next ARD or just a regular parent conference - think about what you would like to hear about your own child as a parent

Big image

In case you didn't read this last week - Important Info to help increase instructional time -

Based on our master schedule, teachers have 30 minutes to take their kids to recess and have a restroom break before heading back to class. 20 minutes of recess and 10 minutes at the restroom – students need time for recess so please don’t cut it short to spend extra time at the restroom.

Please adhere to this time frame. If you are unable to restroom all of your students within the 10 minute time frame, please go back to class to begin teaching and send the remainder of your students individually or in pairs.

Additionally, this is the only time your class should be having a “group restroom.”

The only exceptions would be the Ronding, Pumerejo, L. Fernandez, Anderson, A. Juarez, Becerra, - 1st grade without classroom restrooms and Alzate, Hernandez, Adams and Kennedy – since they are in the portables

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc