Yellowstone National Park

By : Vicki Zimmerer

Where is Yellowstone located?

The Yellowstone National Park is located in three different states. It is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It is mainly located in Wyoming, but some parts of it is in the two other states.

What is the history of Yellowstone National Park?

At first this national place was not "national" and it was used mainly by indians before any Europeans got to that ground. Indians used this ground mainly for survival, but now we use it to amuse and entertain people from all over the country.

What is the weather during the seasons of the year?

In the summer, the regular temperature at the park is around 70 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. In the winter, the regular temperature is from zero degrees to 20 degrees. In the fall, and in the spring, the temperature regulates around from 30 to 60 degrees.
Old Faithful Geyser eruption Yellowstone NP

What is at the National Park?

This specific park is home to many geysers, as also Old Faithful. Old Faithful is not the biggest geyser is the park, but most park rangers can tell when the water will shoot up next. It shoots the water seventeen times a day, and the water goes up over 185 feet in the air. There are plenty more geysers in the park, but Old Faithful is one of the most popular attractions at this incredible site.

What can I do at the park?

There are many activities that you can do besides watching geysers go off all day long. Some choices include.........







-guided tours

-horse back riding


-ranger lead activities

-wildlife viewing


What is the Association with Indians at this Park?

Indians have been around for over two centuries. They first started to show up near the Obsidian Cliff which is in the park, and started to make tools out of the obsidian for hunting and every day life. When horses first came to the park the indians used them for hunting buffalo, and other food sources to keep their families alive. Then the indians decided to use the geysers, hot water for cooking, and preparing buffalo hides. These indians were the only ones using the park for about 200 years until a non-indian man named John Colter.