Easy College Funds

Money for college without all the pressure of a real job!

The Problem

College is so hard to get into these days. Even if the proper grades are acquired the financial woes are a problem no one wants to deal with. Instead of taking out student loans, aspiring students should use knowledge from high school chemistry to enter the drug trade and 'cook' narcotics to earn money to pay for college.
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Make Mom Proud, Stand Out From the Crowd

Narcotics such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin are all substances that can be processed in a home with the right ingredients and knowledge. Both can be easily acquired with internet research and small and sparse purchases. But what is that compared to the easy cash and practically free education that you'll receive? There will be no need for student loans or a real job that requires a set number of hours and obligations, and the amount of cash flowing will be unbelievable!