Leeds SCITT Newsletter

Issue 2 Spring 2016

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Welcome to the Leeds SCITT Newsletter

Welcome to the Leeds SCITT Newsletter. Our aim is to share good practice across our Partnership, keeping all interested parties up to speed with key information and share tips on how to become outstanding trainee teachers. This is your newsletter, so please feel free to email and share your experiences of how you or your colleagues have used innovative strategies/resources which have contributed to pupils making excellent progress.

Helpful reminders and points to consider!

This week…

  • Look at your targets from Stage 2, be proactive with your SBT to ensure you are both aware of your targets. During your mentoring meetings focused targets are being set to support you in addressing these areas. You could use the language of the Teachers' standards found in the placement report (also located in the Stage 3 Manual pages 65 -80) to support you and your SBT in the writing and evidencing of targets - see below).
  • Remember to email your SEF to your SBT 24hrs prior to your mentor meeting and cc your Link Tutor in too.
  • Ensure within your working week you are building in administration time to update your SEF, self evaluations & tutorial records, lesson observation matrix and subject knowledge audits. If you get into the habit of doing this now, it will be much easier for you and less time consuming in the long run!
  • Speak to the host teachers of the groups that you will be taking. Discuss the topics that you will be teaching to these classes and ideas on how it should be delivered. If you get chance to look at the data for these classes to identify e.g. EAL, lower literacy /lower numeracy, SEND, Pupil Premium and high attainers; it may be a good opportunity to speak with the host teachers of these pupils and decide whether you should seek out specific colleagues from your school, on how to best support these pupils in making effective progress.

The Teachers' Standards may be a good place to help you and your SBT in writing focused targets

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Stage 3 Priority – Becoming an Outstanding Trainee Teacher

Each week we will focus on one of the Teachers’ Standards to look at ways on how this specific Standard could be evidenced in supporting you in becoming outstanding in this area. This week we will take a look at TS2 - Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils

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TS2 - Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils

Examples of evidence for your SEB


In the attached link there are some other ideas to support you in gaining evidence for TS2. This is in support of the skills and knowledge you will demonstrate in the planning of your Stage 3 Progression Map. Remember for the progression map it must have a minimum of four lesson plans to accompany it. However the lesson plans do not have to be expanded,they can take the format of the new stage 3 'Everyday lesson plan'. Four other expanded lesson plans need to accompany four additional lesson observations in the SEB. These will require detailed evaluations with a focus on pupil progress as found in the guidance on page 48 of the Stage 3 manual.
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Useful Reminders from Stage 1

Find in the links below, some of the resources used throughout Stage 1 in support of planning for pupil progress.

Planning for progression ppt - https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3bj5gg0juo0ncq/SA2%20%20Progression%20Planning%20Core%20PPT.ppt?dl=0

Planning for progression - https://www.dropbox.com/s/hj6sissimvxh0dk/SA2%20Module%20Booklet%20V2.docx?dl=0

Assessment for learning - https://www.dropbox.com/s/dz3pxvdhfqmn3pf/Unit%2012%20Assessment%20for%20Learning.pdf?dl=0

Over to you!

Leeds SCITT hope you have found this newsletter helpful. If you would like to send your suggestions, ideas, videos, sharing of good practice to include in the next newsletter please let me know. Have a great week and we look forward to hearing from you soon.