Benjamin Franklin

By: Kyler Alexander


Benjamin Franklin was a very smart man, but he wasn't always that way.

Franklin had to teach himself everything he knew because his father pulled him from school. His father sent him to work with his brother. Franklin was also a inventor and created very helpful things. Ben was a very unique person.

How Ben taught himself everything he knew

Ben had to teach himself everything he knew.

He taught himself algebra,geometry,navigation, and grammar. He also studied and partially mastered German,Italian,French,Spanish, and Latin. He did all this by teaching himself to read and reading books. He read a book about swimming, then copying its instruction he taught himself how to swim. He taught himself to write by writing to his brother by the name Silence Dogood his brother loved it so much he put it in the news paper. Later Franklin taught himself to publish the news paper at age 16. The reason Franklin had so many advanced words in his vocabulary is because he wrote poetry. Franklin was a very independent and talented person if he could teach himself all this.

Ben's early life

Ben was born in Boston,Massachusetts, January 17, 1706. At age 17 he ran away to Philadelphia to write for his brother. There he started writing for the Pennsylvania Gazette because he loved to write and soon started writing to different places. When Franklin was only in his 20's he married Deborah Read. Then, that had three great children. Ben also wrote poetry. He would read books write down a sentence then he'd read another book until he forgot the sentence then he would try to remember the sentence and rearange the words to make the sentence again. Ben had a very exciting EARLY life.

Ben's Expirements with Electricity

Ben was fascinated by lightning so he tested his theory that is electricity.

He invented the lightning rod to keep houses from burning down. Franklin was one of the first people to create vocabulary associated with electricity. Once he was trying to kill a turkey with electricity but it hit him instead of the turkey and knocked him out, this happened 2 or 3 times. Ben figured out Lightning was electricity by attaching a silk kite to a metal wire and then he put a key on it. Lightning struck it and nothing happened, Franklin reached out to touch the key and... It shocked him. Benjamin Franklin had a huge breakthrough in science.


To sum it all up Benjamin Franklin was a very smart great man. In conclusion Benjamin Franklin had to teach himself everything he knew, was a very successful man, and had a huge scientific breakthrough in electricity. Benjamin Franklin was a legend, master of electricity, and a very smart man.


Bifocals: bifocals are what we call glasses now. They were two pieces of glass on a piece of metal so you could see better.

Coonskin hat: the coonskin hat was one of Franklins stylish inventions it was ratcoon skin turned into a hat. Franklin walked into Europe and everybody thought he was so fashionable.

Lightning rod: the lightning rod was used to pull electricity down from the sky and safely down to the ground.


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