Open House

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Great Pyramid

  • Occupies 230x230 meters, with a height of 146 meters
  • Exquisite red granite lines the King's Chamber
  • Limestone exterior
  • Architect was the great pharaoh Khufu
  • Handcrafted with 2 million stones and built with 200,000 men
  • Took twenty years to construct
  • Vintage! Built 4500 years ago
  • Mortuary Temple included
  • Vast yards
  • Tomb currently vacant
  • Beautiful pyramid texts of Khufu joining Re
  • Great granite sarcophagus
  • Small suburban neighborhood
  • Quiet neighbors
  • Close to Cairo
  • Near Heliopolis, the sacred city of Re's
  • Incredible view of Heliopolis's temple and obelisk
  • Great deal! You can get Khufu's cedar wood boat that takes you through your voyage after death!

For more information call Anubis at 1-800-555-DEAD

Hurry up and buy now because people are dying to live here!