Statesville Road Elementary's Weekly Staff Newsletter

Principal's Point to Ponder

The Honeymoon

Couples use their honeymoon to get to know each other intimately. They use this time to learn what makes each other tick and to determine how they will make their marriage work. Honeymoons are great. Partners do not fight, and no relationship issues are present. But when the honeymoon is over, the situation can become very different. I'm not married and have never been on that kind of honeymoon. However, we have been on a honeymoon here at SRE. You know....the one that happens during the first few weeks of school...the peaceful and near perfect time spent between staff and students. During this time, we have gotten to know our students intimately. We have learned what makes our students tick. We have determined what will make our staff / student relationships and our school work. But what do we do now that the honeymoon is over? We should draw from what strong couples do at this juncture in thier relationship: they remember their commitments to each other. So when we are faced with the non-compliant student this week, remember our commitment to reteaching behaviors, to displaying a caring attitude, and to finding the root cause of problems. When we are faced with that situation that makes us want to do things 'the old way', remember our commitment to changing the culture of our school and to making this a great place to learn and work. When we are faced with mental exasperation because we have reviewed a concept ten times and they still don't get it, remember our commitments to differentiation, high engagement, and personalized learning. Honoring our commitments will make our student and staff relationships effective, fruitful, and lasting. Yes, the honeymoon is over, but our commitments to the Statesville Road Way should never end.

Instructional Strategy of the Week

Big image
If you walk into Ms. Allen's 3rd grade classroom on any given morning, the picture above shows what you will find. Her students have a clear understanding of the morning expectations. Using the P-board to give morning work directions allows Ms. Allen to be at her door to greet each scholar with a high five, hug, or handshake. It keeps her from yelling the expectations across the room and it holds students accountable for their actions. The main positive about Ms. Allen's morning work board is that it not only takes care of the clerical needs of students, but it more importantly engages students in meaningful academic work to start the day. At Statesville Road, we use every minute of every day and this practice is a good way to ensure we stay true to our mission!

Kudos / General Reminders / Expectations

  • Kudos to Patterson, classroom teachers, and support staff for your diligence with DIBELS/TRC testing last week. Your hard work and focus leaves us with only a few more students to test. Thank you!
  • Kudos to all teachers whose classes were covered by TAs last week for DIBELS/ TRC testing. The TAs report that you all had clear, accessible lesson plans prepared. TA Stephens was especially complimentary of the teacher's plans for the classes she covered!
  • Kudos to the E. Taylor, Hayes, and Donnellan for working with Lungarini to develop the song, chant, and initial procedures for our weekly school wide Monday meeting. #S-O-A-R
  • Blue Cards: Teachers, please make copies of your blue cards and turn the blue cards in to Ms. Johnson in the front office.
  • Heads Up: Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday, September 23rd. Are you addressing all subjects? Do you have grades to report? Are your grades posted in the system? Are you preparing to make individual comments for your parents?
  • Certified Staff: Your Self Assessment and Professional Development Plan are due by September 25th. There will be an optional training session on Friday, September 19th at 3:30pm in the computer lab. New teachers and those new to CMS are strongly encouraged to attend this training.
  • Lesson Plans should be saved to your grade level folder in GoogleDrive (you set this up during technology training the week of Aug 18th). Thanks to the grade levels that are already posting your lesson plans to the drive.
  • Discovery Ed testing will begin this week in the computer lab for grades 2-5. Reminder to all classroom teachers not to use DE videos or other internet programs on your P-board this week as it interferes with the DE testing system.
  • Social Media Contest: Remember to "like" or "follow" Project LIFT on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, find the Statesville Road picture of the Eagle and follow or like that, too! Our staff can win lunch if we have the most likes on these social media outlets.
  • Send pics of good things happening in your classrooms or in the school to Walser with a short caption. These pics will be sent in to Project LIFT weekly to share on social media outlets. Let's share the great things that are going on here at SRE! The staff member who sends in the most pics each month will receive a jeans pass.
  • Coming Soon: Monthly lunch delivery from Chick-Fil-A!! Staff will be able to order a Chick Fil A combo for the low, low price of $6. Chick Fil A will donate $1 back to the school for every combo meal served. More details and dates are forthcoming.

Monday, September 15, 2014 (Day 5)

  • Happy Monday!
  • 8:00: First School Wide Monday Morning Meeting! :) Do you know the song and cheer?
  • Discovery Ed Testing: 2nd Grade (Reading)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 (Day 1)

  • Williams and Lungarini at Project LIFT Zone Meeting
  • Discovery Ed Testing: 2nd Grade (Math)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 (Day 2)

  • Discovery Ed Testing: 3rd Grade (Reading)
  • 3:30: Staff Meeting (2nd and 5th= DDI...K, 1, 3, and 4 = Flight School)
  • 5:00: Project LIFTing Event (West Charlotte High School)

Thursday, September 18, 2014 (Day 3)

  • Williams at Principal Coach Training (PM)
  • 7:30-8:00: TA Meeting (The Nest)
  • Discovery Ed Testing: 3rd Grade (Math)
  • 6:00pm: General Body PTA Meeting

Friday, September 19, 2014 (Day 4)

  • Williams at Title I Principals Meeting (AM)
  • 8:00 - 8:30 Real Men Read (a male guest reader will come to each classroom)
  • Discovery Ed Testing: 4th Grade (Reading)
  • 3:30: Optional Self Assessment / PDP Training (Computer Lab)
  • Happy Friday!