The British began taxing the colonist with the stamp act and intorable acts.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams in march 5 1770 British troops.Create the sons of liberty.He wrote warning letter about the British. He meet other leaders to talk about liberty

British soldiers and shouted insults more soldier arrived but the crowd of colonist grew soldiers fired into the crowd colonist called this event the Boston massacre the shooting shocked people and the colonies .Samuel Adams created the Son of Liberty.

Samuel Adams wrote warnings leaders about the British. Samuel Adams meet other leaders to talk about liberty.

The Son of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty threw the tea into the harbor sow the British don’t sell them.The Son of Liberty threw tart and feather to the British tax collectors. They burned down the British office and stamp.

George Washington

George Washington was the leader of the army. George Washington let the army to victory.

George Washington give a speech so the army don’t quit.

The Conflicts Between the American Colonist And Great Britain

The conflicts started because of the French and Indian War. After it stopped the British gained more land but they needed to pay because of all the destruction. They started taxing the colonist this was called the Stamp Act so the colonist got mad and refused to pay this tax so the colonist dressed up as the British soldiers and they went on a boat with the British and got all the tea and threw it in the harbor and when the king heard about it and he got angry and punished them with more laws this was called the Intolerable Acts.c