Joe’s Coffee and Bakery Shop

Run by Ayden, Carter, David and Nick.

A little bit about us.

We started out as a simple idea. Why not make a coffee shop? We debated about it and decided that it would be the best idea to make a coffee shop after our close friend and instructor. The idea became reality when we were able to get a nice sum of money from our Swiss bank account and built our shop. From there we went on to make a website and start to hire employees that would have to meet our guidelines. We had our new employees shadow us as we taught them how to make coffee as well as we do.

After a few months, we became very popular in the region and we were able to get massive shipments from our coffee suppliers in Peru. We were then able to upgrade after getting a nice donation from both Home Depot and Lazy Boy Furniture to upgrade our lounge and coffee experience for our faithful customers. We decided that it would be best if we started to expand our consumer base and advertised on the radio and in the newspaper.

We were going downhill after a year had past as we did a bad job tracking our finances and we barely gained any money. We learned from this and decided to put Ayden as the finance manager and had him use Quickbooks to track orders, how much we were paying for each order, and tracked each purchase and expensive for our business.

Our Business Goals for the first year

1.Make 30,000 in the first year.

2. Employ about 100 workers plus and expand our one store to 2 stores in the Springfield area.

3. Be in Illinois Times for best Coffee shop in Springfield for the first year of the business.

4. Convince a bank to loan money to build a facility to satisfy customer demand.

5. Have at least 90% of our customers like our coffee and bakery goods

Our Mission Statement

“Our Mission for Joe’s Coffee and Bakery shop is that many people don’t know who we really are. Our workers and the responsibility of them makes this business run. We don’t care about the money as much as our customers. The customer is always right and if the customer is right, then they are happy and this means we have done our job. Joe cares for all of us, so why shouldn't you do the same and care for our shop. Start off the day with Joe’s Coffee and Bakery shop.”

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Our Corporation advantages and disadvantages

Corporation, advantages , including: Limited liability for directors, officers, shareholders, and employees. Forming a corporation requires more time and money than forming other business structures. Also having a corporation requires a lot more tax each year compared to a proprietorship or partnership .