by: Teri Hall


Insurance is very important it will keep your money more safe and give you peace of mind. BB&T is covered by the FDIC. It covers each account for up to 250,000 dollars.


There are many physical locations all across the nation.


BB&T Bright Banking

  • Waived maintenance fee with $500 direct deposit or other qualifiers
  • Online banking with bill payment
  • Mobile App with check deposit

    BB&T Fundamentals Checking

    • No minimum balance
    • $5 monthly fee
    • Online and Mobile account access

      Elite Gold

      • Competitive interest rates
      • No-fee inbound wire transfers
      • Optional no-fee accounts

        BB&T Student Banking

        • No minimum balance
        • Mobile App with check deposit
        • No BB&T fee for four non-BB&T ATM transactions per statement cycle

          Senior Checking

          • Waived maintenance fee with direct deposit or other qualifiers
          • Online banking with bill payment
          • Free or discounted personalized checks


* overdraft


* calling

* maintenance

* Transaction Activity

* Uncollected Funds

* Employee cash and checking

Check Limit

It depends on what type of account you have.....

If you have e-savings you don't have check writing privileges, but if you have an investors deposit account you have more check writing privileges.


There are 2 types of savings accounts available and they are the ones mentioned above. If I chose one I would pick the investors deposit account it has many more benefits. For more info call 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228)

Debit cards

Yes they offer debit cards.


ATM,s are available nation wide almost anywhere you go.

online and mobile

Both online and mobile service is available.

Research Reflecion

I personally wouldn't consider using this bank and I would not recommend it.

Although most of my needs would be met, there aren't as many benefits as I would like to have. There are many fees too. I do not want to pay the fees if I can help it. There is also close to no interest you have to be an investor to gain any interest. I would definitely consider a different depository institution.

FOR MORE INFO DIAL:(800-226-5228)