Changing the "Culture" of Learning

What Does That Mean...

  • Students set goals and reflect on their learning
  • Students are self-directed
  • Students have voice and choice for how they learn and how they demonstrate mastery
  • Students lead and teach others what they know. They become the experts.
  • Students connect with their community and world

Our Story...

It's About the Kids - Our Journey to Personalizing Learning

Planning Stage

  • Focus on Integrating Learning Targets in Social Studies, Language Arts Common Core Standards, and 21st Century Skills
  • Student Driven
  • Utilize Technology
  • Personalization
  • Opportunities for students to explore aspects of David Truss' Model at the Inquiry Hub

Learning Hub - Culture Portal Site

  • Standards
  • Learning Path
  • Resources
  • Learning Videos
  • Tools


  • allowed for student voice and choice
  • gathered student data efficiently and effectively


  • Reflection/Questions/Goal Form

  • Student Choice and Learning Style Information Form

  • Project Choice Form

  • Gathering Feedback from students Form (Example: Prepping for Google Hangout/Skype Connections)

  • Summative Assessment Form

  • Pre and Post Self Assessment of 21 Century Skills Form

  • Tracking Student Leadership Opportunities Form