Since dad used to race as a kid, I started to race. He and I used to race at Capital City BMX track in Austin. He surprised me and suggested we go ride bikes.  I was so excited.  I was like, "Dad, where are we going?" He did not tell me, he just stayed quiet and smiled, then said, "You’ll see." So we got to the track, I was so happy. I even raced that day and I got 1st place.     

Getting First Place In compitetion.

I was told that I am real good at racing. I have good form on the bike,  endurance, and can stand up the whole race. I was the best racer in my age division in Austin. You have to have strong legs, not get you feelings hurt when you lose, and able to handle sweat.


When buying a bike, there is a huge selection of bikes from cheap, crappy ones to really expensive good ones. You honestly want to get an higher-priced bike that’s a little big for you if your're still growing, so it last long and it rides fast. The brand I recommend is red line. (that’s what I use) They are good sturdy, very light bikes, that has a great gear on it. But if you not willing to buy a new or expensive bike go by a GT ,or look for some older modles on criagslist.

what are my thoughts about my topic now

 My thought on the subject that its fun, fast, and keeps you busy ,and in shape. It can make your day fly by ,and have the best day of your life. Its not to hard to get in to you just have to basicly show up and pay a fee. So get in to BMX it’s a olympic sport now.
1st BMX Cruiser Annual Main Event 2004