Immigration Stories Project

Rachel Sheffield and Beth Briscoe

Similarities and Differences

The immigrant stories showed many different perspectives on both legal and illegal immigration. No matter what their opinion of immigration was, most people (such as Wendy Warren, Jean Towell, and J Carnes) agreed that immigrants affected schools, hospitals, places of work, and communities in a variety of ways. However, the views of the topics differed. Wendy Warren believed that immigrants positively affected schools, while Jean Towell believed that they crowded them and should not be there.

Reasons for Immigration

Many immigrants, especially from Mexico, immigrate to America for economic reasons. They are aware that there are many jobs available for them on this side of the border and would do anything to be able to provide for their families. America also has many freedoms and opportunities that people long for in order to create a better life for them-self. Some people get relocated and are forced to move to America to keep their jobs. Many students come to our country to get a better education to be successful in the world.


The greatest challenges for adults include finding work and being able to provide for all of their family. For a teenager, it might be difficult to get into college because they may not have the proper papers of a citizen or correct visa. It would be easiest for children to come to America because there are no immediate challenges for them to face. Their problems and struggles may arise as they get older.

Family Structure

Immigration can either separate or join together families. If an individual immigrates to America and is not able to get his/her family across the border with them, the family is separated and is hard to maintain a strong family relationship. If a whole family immigrates together, usually a better life will be in store for them, full of opportunities and freedoms. If a family member becomes deported, it will break the family apart once again.


Newly deported immigrants may faces challenges such as finding work and shelter. Some places, such as farmers branch do not want immigrants moving into their cities and simply won't allow it. In some places immigrants face struggles of being unwanted and harassed until they leave. If they are thought to have done something illegal, the may be deported, and forced to leave their family. Immigrants have to be extremely cautious so that they may stay and build a good life with their families.