George Washingtom

How did George Washington become so successful in the Revolution

He became so successful in the Revolution by forcing British out of Boston.

George Washington's birth and death.

  • He was born on February 22,1732 in Westmoreland country Virginia
  • He died on December 14,1799 at the age 67,died at his Mount Vernon home
  • He awoke with a throat infection, Washington died that night at 11
  • On December 18,1799 he was buried in the family vault at Mount Vernon
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Washington's childhood and his family

  • He's father died when he was 11 years old, next few years he spent in different house holds in Virginia.
  • He lived with his mother near Fredericksburg, with relatives in Wastmoreland,and his half brother.
  • He had two young children that weren't his ,but his first wife's children
  • The two kids were a boy and girl, Martha and John

George Washington's Education

  • He's education was limited. he never went to a college
  • When he was 16 he was hired by a prominent Virginia to survey their lands in Shenandoah valley
  • George Washington was schooled at home by his mother.
  • He didn't really had any formal education

Important life events that happened to Washington

  • In 1752 the death of Washington's half brother created a vacancy in Virginia militia
  • November 1753, Governor of Virginia, Robert Dinwiddie , sent George Washington on a mission
  • The mission that the governor sent George Washington, he sent him into Virginia wilderness
  • George wanted peace and no war during his presidential days

Accomplishments of George Washington

  • Washington helped lay out the city now known as Alexandria, outside the nation's capital
  • Commander in chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
  • Washington Establish two-term precedent
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Interesting facts about Washington

  • The election of George Washington as the First President of Untied States, in February 1789
  • Washington was in Mount Vernon, his Virginia Plantation when he received the news of the election
  • Washington was the richest president in history, but he did have a debt problem during his time