Texting Saftey

Texting, Sexting, and Messaging Apps

Texting Slang: Fun v. Risky

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Sexting: Know the facts

  • 17% of sexters share the messages they receive with others, and 55% of those share them with more than one person.
  • 15% of teens who have sent or posted nude/semi-nude images of themselves send these messages to people they have never met, but know from the Internet.

The percents of teens who have sent or posted nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves:

  • 11% of young teen girls between the ages 13-16
  • 15% of teens ages 12-17 with cell or smart phones say they have received sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images of someone they know via text messaging on their cell phone.

Instant Messaging Apps

What you need to know about messaging apps

Snap chat:

Allows you to send and receive messages and pictures to "friends"; these friends use "nicknames" and can be anonymous.

  • Messages go away once opened...unless its screen-shotted.
  • There are settings that allow you to monitor who can snapchat you, but most usernames are anonymous.

Allows you to send texts, pictures, and videos, while offering other mini-apps that let you do everything from exchange virtual greeting cards to chat with strangers.

Why its Popular

  • Users don't have to reveal real names, so there's a layer of anonymity.
  • Unlimited amount of messages can be sent.

Remember to talk to your children...

  • what information they shouldn't share, and encourage them to block people they don't know. If they don't recognize a user or something seems off, tell them not to reply.
  • It's not true that Snapchats go away forever. Data is data: Whenever anything is sent online, it never truly goes away. Snapchats can even be recovered -- unaffiliated third-party services such as Snapsaved (which has been recently hacked) gives users the chance to save any Snapchatted pic.

How to Monitor your Children's Texting

  • There are numerous apps that are dowloadable to your children's phones that will allow you to block any app or website from being downloaded or seen.
  • Add restrictions on safari so that your child can search safely on their smartphone
  • Disable safari completely which will not allow them on to the internet at all and get a kid friendly browser like Zoodles.
  • Monitor your passwords and sure they are well protected so that your child will not discover them.