Community Time Update...

August 13, 2020

Zoom Community Time

Topic: Civano Community Time

Time: Aug 14, 2020 08:30 AM Arizona

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Meeting ID: 825 8528 2793

Passcode: Civano

Community Time Updates....

After some wavy Community Time experiences on Monday and Wednesday, we are moving to a Zoom conference for Friday. I mentioned this earlier this week, and it bears repeating ~~ THANK YOU for your patience and support as we navigate this. We are definitely growing new muscles!!

For Community Time on Friday, August 14 and beyond, please consider the following to support the platform and help us to make it a good experience for all.

  • It really helps when families show up to the meeting on time -- 8:30am.

  • If you are on and get bumped off, please try to join again. That seems to happen on nearly every video conference platform at least once in awhile.

  • Please log in with only 1 device per family. When the number of users climbs, the stability of the platform plummets.

  • If someone in your household is also logged in, please be sure that one of the devices is muted AND has the volume turned all the way down. Those echoes make it hard to hear.

  • Please keep chat comments relevant to the topic or question asked. Students can catch up on their own time about games and shares.