The Piedmonts

There is no place like home


Carowinds, in Charlotte, is a fun and family amusement park from the NC Piedmont region. It is a thrill for the whole family with 13 roller coasters and one coming in 2015 called "Fury 325". The Fury 325 is the world's tallest and fastest giga-coaster. It rages at 325 feet tall and 95mph. The Intimidator the tallest fastest rollercoaster in the South East [for now] is 231 feet tall and 75mph.

More about the Piedmonts

Almost all the landforms in the North Carolina Piedmont region include hills, lakes, rivers, and occasionally mountains. The physical characteristics include trees, rocks, grass, and sorts of wild animals. The words "piedmont" comes from the French word meaning "foot of the mountain". The Piedmont region makes up 45% of the State. In Spring the best thing to do is go to Carowinds. In Summer the best place to go is the Kannapolis Rec Park for their pool and water slides. In Fall the best place to go is to Badin Lake for fishing and in the Winter you should go to Discovery Place.

Weather in The piedmonts

Yearly average rain fall: 44-52 inches

Yearly average snow fall: 5 inches

Average Winter temperature: 30-40 degrees

Average Summer temperature: 78-92 degrees