Wanted Cold

6- Drew Scrivner

Cold Description

The common cold is a viral infection of your nose and throat. It's usually harmless, although it might not feel that way. A specific name for a Cold is acute coryza.

Organism's m.o

The virus spreads by someone being infected by the common cold. This happens by touching surface contaminated with cold germs and then touching you mouth and eyes.

A cold begins when a cold virus attaches to the lining of nose or the throat. The immune system sends out white body cells out to attack this germ. Unless it has encountered the same strain of the virus before, the initial attack fails and the body then sends in reinforcements. Nose and throat get inflamed and produce a lot of mucus. With so much of the body energy directed at fighting the cold virus left feeling tired and miserable.

Common victims to prey upon

It affects everyone but effects but mostly people with weak immune System.

Hideout of culprit

Many rhinoviruses thrive in low temperatures. They replicate better in the upper respiratory then in the warmer envierment in the lungs.

Most common injury done to victum

- Runny or stffy nose

- Itchy or scratchy throat

- Cough

- Congestion

- Slight body aches and headaches

- Sneezing

- Watery eyes

- Low-grade fever

Degree of damage caused

While in the body. Rhinovirus does little or no tissue damage. Many symptoms, such as coryza, sneezing, headache, and sore throat are a result of the stimulated immune response. The Rhinovirus weakens the immune system and allows secondary bacterial to take hold.

Most effective weapons against the pathogen

- Washing your hands

- Exercise regularly

- Have a good diet such as eating g fruits and vegetables

- Get enough rest

- Do yoga so you can calm yourself when ever your stressed

5 interesting facts

1. Adults get around two to four common colds a year

2. In the U.S there are more vists to the doctor for a cold than any other condition

3. Colds can last up to a week maybe longer for children,elders, and people with bad health

4. Children suffer from around six to eight colds a year

5. Colds are highly contagious, they can spread from sharing liquids

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