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by Camden, Makenzie, and Veronica

It's important to be safe because you or someone else can get hurt. You need to be safe, not only at school, but wherever you go.

Look at the pictures below. Some pictures are of a kid being safe, and the others are of a kid not being safe. Can you tell which ones are safe, and which are not?

History--Legends of Saint Patrick

by Makenzie and Veronica

St.Patrick was born in Britain in the year 387. When he was 16, he was captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland. After 6 years of slavery, he had a dream with God that he would find a boat to escape to freedom. Guess what? He followed his dream! He sailed to Britain and joined the church to become a priest, and was baptized as Saint Patricius.

In 432, he returned to Ireland as a bishop to spread Christianity. During his teachings, it’s rumored that he used a shamrock to represent the Christian Trinity. St. Patrick died on March 17.

St. Patrick's Day is Ireland’s national holiday.

One legend says that Saint Patrick scared all the snakes out of Ireland. Some think this is true and others think not.

World News--St. Patrick's Day Traditions

by Camden, Faye, and Malik

Remember to wear green! Don’t get pinched! It's almost Saint Patrick’s Day. On March 17, we celebrate an amazing saint, Saint Patrick! (Some people in the United States celebrate St.Patrick's Day more than people who live in Ireland.) There are more fun things than shamrocks and leprechauns, There are so many different ways of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day! What had begun as a religious holiday for the patron saint of Ireland has now become an international festival . St.Patrick was not Irish and was not born in Ireland. St.Patrick was born in 385 A.D in Britain. When he was sixteen, he was brought to Ireland as a slave. Soon he escaped back to Britain, but he felt he wanted to go back to Ireland to teach the Irish about God.

People celebrate St.Patrick's by eating Irish foods, wearing green, and parading through the streets. If you really want to celebrate St.Patrick's you can see the Chicago River turn green just to celebrate St.Patrick's Day. A good fun musical instrument is the harp. You can celebrate St.Patrick's Day by making crafts, and cooking food. Professional sport teams and players also have jerseys that are green for St.Patrick's Day. Hurling is a popular Irish sport to play.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day like the lucky horse shoe and a cute little leprechaun, so have some lucky fun. I hope you enjoy Saint Patrick's Day!

Fun Facts about Plants and Animals

by Camden, Makenzie, and Veronica

  • The great white shark is warm blooded!

  • Bamboo can grow 1 meter a day!

  • The tallest living tree in the world is a California, U.S.A. redwood named Hyperion at 379.1 feet. That's taller than the Statue of Liberty!

  • A goldfish’s attention span is only three seconds long!

  • Animals that lay eggs do not have a belly button!

  • Beavers can hold their breath underwater for about 45 minutes!

  • The biggest pumpkin ever weighed 1,061 lbs!

  • Hippos claim a territory by yawning.

  • Surprisingly, while they roll in the mud, pigs are considered one of the cleanest barn animals!

  • A baby panda is as big as a stick of butter!

  • A pack of wolves can take down a very large animal like a moose!

  • Despite a camel's hump, they have a straight spine!

  • Bamboo makes up 99% of a panda's diet!

  • There is underground mushroom in Oregon that measures 3.5 miles across.

Websites to visit

by Malik

Games and activities for kids to play

If you want to learn about internet safety in a fun,safe way just use the websites below. You can find ways to make sure you're not doing anything wrong in a fun,safe way. If you want to play games and activities just go on Sparky. If you want to find out what's right and wrong on the internet just go on Netsmartzkids. For making sure you're being safe and not talking to strangers, go on McGruff. To make sure you're not doing things you're not supposed to be doing just go on FBI Safety.

Activities to teach internet safety

Crimestopper safety

F.B.I. safety activities