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1st Quarter, 2018-19; CSI Goal Area 2, Obj.3, Int.2


EduSkills Will Be Ready Soon!

EduSkills (CPS EL digital system for ELAPS, WIDA Scores etc.) will be ready in the very near future. Please look over the slides below, they contain important information and instructions. This will be handy when you receive the email to start adding your EL students.
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Strategies: Unlocking Language for ELs

  • Allow for wait time
  • Understand the phases of language acquisition
  • Create a safe environment
  • Use students as mentors
  • Notice your rate of speed
  • Provide sentence frames
  • Front-load background knowledge
  • Engage parents
  • Use various modes of conversation
  • Be mindful of higher-level language learners
  • Honor a student's native language and culture
  • Environmental print
  • Graphic organizers
  • Read aloud
  • Encourage independent reading
  • Visual supports
  • Interact with vocabulary
  • Sentence frames

All students can benefit from these strategies, but ELLs depend upon these strategies!

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Steph Hime, Director of EL/GT/Elementary Curriculum