The Month of The Holy Family


After successfully completing a unit on Data Management, we are returning to Number Sense and Numeration. We are reviewing addition and subtracting strategies learnt in the fall. Strategies such as counting back and forward on a blank (open) number line, using 100 chart, decompose numbers to add or subtract tens and ones separately, overshoot and compensate, are used when solving problems involving 3-digit numbers.

The categories of problems the students are solving can be classified as follows:

  1. result unknown
  • Mike earned $328 last year selling newspapers. This year he earned $415. How much money did he earn in all?

2. change unknown

  • Last week Katie picked 115 kg of blueberries. She picked some more this week, giving her total of 236 kg. How many kilograms of blueberries did Katie pick this week?
115 + ? = 236 or 236 - 115 =

3. Start unknown

  • The Grade 3 class is fundraising. A donor gave them $563 and now they have $998. How much money dd they have to start?
? + 563 = 998 or 998 - 563

Using the standard algorithm to add and subtract will be taught as a last strategy.

It is not expected that a child will use all strategies effectively, but rather experiment with all and adopt the one that is most understood, efficient and effective.

Word Study

Topics of Study

Vowel combination patterns:

ow, ea, oo, oi, oy, ow, aw, au, ue, ui, ew


Students have completed their explanatory writing pieces. They were required to conduct research, determine important information and summarize it using their own words. The gathered information was then used to write an explanation. The students learnt how to cite sources and label visual diagrams to fit their explanations. In this pathway, the students learnt how to improve sentence fluency and add voice.

As a culminating and assessment task, the students will be required to write an explanation independently using their schema (their own experiences). The students will have a choice of topics.

For example:

Explain how weather affects how we dress

There are many ways to get from place to place. Choose one way and explain why this is the best way to travel

You have invented a machine. Explain how it works, what it does and how it's useful


The Grade Threes will continue to focus on reading strategies to enhance comprehension and a deeper interactions with texts. The focus this month continues to be asking insightful questions.


Students will demonstrates an understanding of the importance of good oral health to overall health, and assess the effect of different food choices on oral health. The following is a sample discussion scenario:

Problems with teeth or gums can be painful, can make it difficult to eat, and can affect our appearance. Oral health problems can also contribute to health problems that affect other parts of the body, like the heart, lungs, and digestive system. We can keep our teeth healthy by brushing and flossing and going to the dentist for regular checkups. Being careful about what we eat can also help. What kinds of foods should you limit? What could you eat instead?”


The Holy Spirit Dwells in the Followers of Jesus

In this movement, we will read Scripture about how Jesus' disciples answered His call. Follow me permitted no hesitation, no turning back. Peter and Andrew left their fishing business, Matthew left his tax office. Take nothing of the journey, and yet they were not waterless, no homeless. Hospitality was exchanged for the gift of peace healing and God's kingdom.

Those gifts are amplified by the grace of God and works of the Holy Spirit in those who answer Jesus' Follow me today. The students will learn how modern day disciples follow Jesus. Archbishop Oscar Romero, his life and death, will be an example how the Holy Spirit strengthens us to answer the call.

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