Mustang Tales

November 11, 2022 Vol. 3 Issue 52

Message from Ms. Masone

Dear Families:

Happy Veterans Day families and thank you for your service! We closed our week with a musical lovely tribute to all Veterans today . If you were able to attend, you may have heard the beautiful voices of MSES students and a plethora of instruments. It was truly a wonderful performance. Thank you to our music teacher, Ms. Lawson, and our MSES musical artists. Check out our MSES Facebook for more pictures and videos!

Thank you to everyone who supported our MANIBOO carnival and fundraiser. Our Parent Action Committee raised $10,000 for Manitou Springs Elementary School. This fundraiser was very successful and will create more learning opportunities for our school for staff and students. Thank you!

Spirit Week begins next week with Fancy Day on Monday and we will end the week with Funny Friday. We will have a Thanksgiving meal at school on Tuesday if you want to join your child for a thankful feast.

On Wednesday, November 16the from 5:30-7:00pm., all families are invited to join us for our Literacy Night. We will have guest readers, reading strategies, crafts and a photo booth with Day. Please help us plan this exciting event by completing this one minute RSVP by November 14th.

Stay warm this weekend and we will see you Monday for Fancy Day!



Important Dates

  • Nov 16: Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay for students)
  • Nov 16: MSES Literacy Night, 5:30pm - 7pm
  • Nov 17-28: MSES SpiritWear Online Store (link will be sent out on Nov 17!)
  • Nov 18: Fitness Friday! 7:30am - 8am
  • Nov 21-25: Fall Break - No School
  • Dec 2: K-2nd Grade Family Connection Movie Night @ MSES
  • Dec 7: Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay for students)
  • Dec 16: Fitness Friday! 7:30am - 8am
  • Dec 19 - Jan 4: Winter Break - No School

Veterans Day Celebration

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Spirit Week

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Ask Your Experts!


Kindergarten students are continuing to grow as readers! They have learned the correct letter sounds and handwriting formation for most of the alphabet now and can read CVC words and simple phrases. In math, students have been analyzing both flat and solid shapes. More than just naming the shapes, they can explain the attributes of the shapes they see (straight edges, curves, corners, closed vs. open shapes, flat vs. solid shapes). Ask them to describe the attributes of a shape for you! Additionally, we wrapped up our "Plants" domain this week. Ask your expert the following questions about their learning:

  • What gift did Johnny Appleseed give to people as he traveled across the land? (apple trees because he planted apple seeds)
  • Where did Johnny Appleseed get the seeds he planted? (from families that shared meals with him as he traveled)
  • How do trees help people? (They give us oxygen and materials to make things like paper, syrup, rubber, and houses.)Look around your neighborhood and find deciduous and evergreen trees)
  • What makes these trees similar? (they both have leaves—evergreen leaves are called needles, they live for many years, they provide many things for us)
  • What makes these trees different? (deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall and are dormant throughout the winter; evergreen trees are always green)

Second Grade

Second Graders are getting ready to learn some new Math strategies to start solving addition and subtraction problems. So far we have learned 1 new strategy to solve. Want to see your little mathematician at work? Challenge them with a problem with 4 addends- example 14+45+24+16=____ Ask them to show you how they can split each number into smaller parts to make it less challenging. We are SO impressed with their hard work.

In our phonics groups students are all getting just what they need to become even better readers. It has been so exciting to watch them learn and grow. Ask your expert- What skill are you working on in your group? How is it helping you to learn and grow? As always, these groups are very fluid so when students are ready for more of a challenge they get to move to a new teachers group.

Take a peek at the cool project that is coming home this week with your kiddo. We can't wait to hear what you think and to see what your little artists come up with. They'll be displayed in the hallway for all to see!

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Third Grade

Third grade has been studying the human body. We learned the parts of the eye. Students made a model from paper. They had to label cornea, pupil, iris, sclera, retina, eye muscles and optic nerve. Do you know all these parts of the eye?

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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade is wrapping up their current CKLA domain, the Middle Ages of Europe! Soon, we will begin our next domain, Islamic Empires of the Middle Ages, and students will travel to a different part of the world -- Ancient Arabia. Before we "leave" medieval Europe, Ask Your Expert: The Middle Ages started around the time an important empire fell apart. What empire was that? (The Roman Empire). Who was more powerful in the feudal system - a lord or a serf? (A lord). Why were there castles and knights? (Both provided protection during a time when there were many wars and rebellions). Why was the growth of towns such an important development? (It fueled the growth of the middle class, and helped to change the feudal system). What was the pope the head of that was very powerful in Europe during this time? (The Christian Church). What important changes did King Henry II make to the legal system? (He made the system fairer and he created a new court system). Why was Magna Carta so important? (It was an early document limiting the power of kings and giving more power to the people).

Counselor's Corner

Dear Mustang Families,

Did you know I offer group counseling services? I offer groups on a variety of topics such as friendship skills, managing emotions, self-esteem/self-care, divorce, grief, anxiety, and anger. I run these groups based off need with 4-5 students. If you are interested in having your child participate in group counseling please reach out to me via email at

This week in 1st grade, your child learned to use body language and context clues to figure out when someone feels frustrated. They practiced looking at the person’s face and body, as well as thinking about what’s going on in the situation. They also learned about a new strategy for feeling calm when they get frustrated: slow counting. Encourage your child to notice when others around them feel frustrated. Have them practice using body language and context clues to figure out when family members, friends, or characters in books, movies, or on TV might be feeling frustrated.

This week in 4th grade, we finished up our bullying prevention unit by talking about cyber bullying. Students learned how to recognize and identify different ways of cyberbullying. They learned that cyberbullying can be even more harmful than other types of bullying and can demonstrate ways to support and/or stand up for a person being cyber bullied. Next up we will be diving into our empathy and kindness unit!

This week in 5th grade, we began our empathy and kindness unit. Your child learned how empathy can help someone identify and solve a problem in their community. Try pointing out something that has changed for the better in your neighborhood recently. Ask your child why they think that change is helpful. Point out how empathy might have helped someone decide to make that change.

Ashley Root, MA, LPCC

MSES School Counselor | (719) 685-2160

Literacy Night: November 16

Please sign up for Literacy Night, so we know how many families to expect. We are providing a hot dog dinner.

Yearbook Order Forms:

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Box Top Digital Earnings:

Thank you to our families who are scanning their grocery receipts into the Box Tops app - you've already helped earn $118.60 for our school in the first three months of the school year! This is five times the $23.70 we earned during the entire 21-22 school year.

Box Top funds are used to support your students by helping with classroom supply purchases, classroom celebrations, games and outdoor activities, and more. Download the app today and start scanning your grocery receipts to help us keep learning fun at MSES!

Holiday Help

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