POHW Before Poster

By: Mina Thompson

1) Hollis's Outlook on Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end Hollis is happy to be a part of the Ragan family.

"So there are 5 of us now mother, father,brother, and 2 sisters"

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2) Hollis's Change in Mood

In the beginning Hollis would skip school and would be mean to kids. For example sass them and be disrespectful to adults and really ignored the children which probably made them feel not wanted. "I reached for a crayon and dug and X through her picture of the snow white washing machine."

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3) Hollis's Trust in People

Hollis didn't really want to put herself out there and trust people. She kept things to herself and couldn't talk to people about anything. She had nobody in her life that she could trust.

"I had money Josie didn't know about. I always had money; I called it my running money. It couldn't be used for gas, or food just running."


4) Hollis's Feelings for Family

In the beginning Hollis didn't feel wanted or loved by anyone. She was lonely and had no one to love her or make her feel special.

"No one knows you.You can be different, you can be good, you know what i mean?"


5) Setting Change

In the beginning Hollis went from the foster home to the stucco women's house. Then she ran away and the foster people found her and took her to Josie's house.

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"This can be a new start Hollis, a new place."

6) Hollis's Different Homes

At the beginning Hollis had many homes , but non of them fit her. She always ran away and was taken to a new home she hated. Hollis didn't like to stay in one place for very long before she ran away again.

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(Hollis and Josie were talking about the wood tree figures...) "I'll make you one but only if you stay."

7) A Real Family

In the beginning Hollis dreamed of a family. Her "W" picture she drew at school is her dream family. She always wanted a real family. Hollis started feeling like a family with Josie and Beatrice. They made her feel welcome.

"This is a picture of a family Hollis". "A mother, M, A father, F, A brother, B, A sister, S." " I don't see a W word here." I opened my mouth to say: How bout W for wish, or W for want, or W for wouldn't it be lovely."