Gray Wolf Gazette

January 1 through January 15

Pioneer Trail Mission

The mission of Pioneer Trail is to create a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their potential and display positive character. (DRAFT)

Character Trait: Hardworking and Motivation

Hardworking: To be industrious and diligent in what you do.

Motivation: To be eager to work, or the force of influence that causes someone to do something.
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January 4th PD Work

Thank you for all of the hard work with our January 4th PD day! We made it count, and that is what matters most! If you were attending in another building, please complete the survey for Mr. Linthacum by the end of the day on Tuesday. 100% participation means we all get a jeans day!

If you have not turned in your Growth Plan Review stapled to a copy of your growth plan, please get it to Elizabeth as soon as possible.

The ICLE folder is being shared with all the information we covered today. I will continue to add to the folder as we continue our work with Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.

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Calendar of Events

Friday, January 1st

Happy New Year!!

Monday, January 4th

Teachers Return, Full Day PD at Pioneer Trail

Tuesday, January 5th - McCollum out ALL

Students Return


RED (Adams/St. Martins Non-Public), 7:30

PBS Meeting, 3:35

PTO Meeting, (off campus) 6:00

Wednesday, January 6

Grading Window Closes, 7AM

(please have them done by Jan. 5 so Heather can run reports and check for errors)

IEP (Carel/Pritchard), 7:30

Admin Council (Dr. Wilson/Milhollin), 9:00-11:00

IEP (Hendrickson/West), 3:30

Thursday, January 7

Grade Cards go home

Staffing (Wilson/Russell), 8:50

TST (Kampeter/Pirkle), 8:50

TST (J. Bax/Roberson), 9:40

RED (Sprenger/Nevins), 10:30

Service Plan (McGinty/St. Joseph), 2:10

Friday, January 8

Shakespeare's Pizza Fundraiser Begins

Staffing (Wilson/Stamper), 8:50

TST (Carr/Warner), 12:30

Monday, January 11

Angle out ALL

Building Leadership Team, 3:35

Tuesday, January 12

Case out ALL

Literacy Team Meetings K-5 during T.T.

Intruder Drill, 9:00

Wednesday, January 13

Case out ALL

Service Plan (M. Carel/Non-public), 7:30

Early Release Day - School Dismisses at 1:05

PD in Library at 1:35, AFL Book Study Chapters 6/7

Thursday, January 14

Angle, Carel, Dampf, Long, Harrison out ALL

Elementary Principal's Meeting, 8:00-11:00

RED (Ludy/Welch), 8:50

IEP (Merk/Higgenbotham), 1:30

Service Plan (Jacobs/St. Martins), 3:30

Friday, January 15

Angle out ALL

End of Shakespeare's Pizza Fundraiser - All Orders/Money Due

JCPS Foundation Grants

The Jefferson City Public Schools Foundation will receive grant applications for teaching and school grants for 2016. The deadline to submit these applications is Monday, January 11, 2016 at 4:00 pm. You can find the grant applications on the Foundation's website under the tab for teachers. Please make the appropriate number of copies requested on the form and send them to the Foundation Office at the Miller Performing Arts Center.

Thank you for your support of the Foundation. We are here to serve the teachers and students especially through this grant program.

Not sure if you have a great idea for a grant? Talk to our building winners from last year - Ashley Angle, Amanda McCutchen, and Katie Whitener. I'm sure they would be willing to share their winning proposals with anyone who is interested!

Required Training Videos

This is a reminder that staff members are required to annually watch training videos. All training videos must be watched and completion forms submitted by February 1, 2016. These training videos are required by state law and/or district policy, and you must annually provide confirmation that you have completed each of the training modules.

Staff members in certified positions are required to watch:

  • Confidentiality of Student Information
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation
  • Identifying Signs of Sexual Abuse in School Children
  • Standard Precautions for Avoiding Infections
  • Student Discipline

Staff members in non-certified positions are required to watch:

  • Confidentiality of Student Information
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation
  • Identifying Signs of Sexual Abuse in School Children
  • Standard Precautions for Avoiding Infections

You may watch the videos at your convenience by logging in to your SchoolWires account. (If you experience trouble logging in to SchoolWires please contact Jan Lange at 659-3121). Once you have signed in, you can view the videos by selecting the "District Departments" drop-down menu, then selecting "Human Resources", and then finally the "Staff Training Videos" on the left side of the page. Once you have finished watching all required videos, you will log in to TalentEd Records and submit the completion form that is in your "Needs Attention" task list.

As a reminder, TalentEd Records functions best in Google Chrome. Your user name is your firstname.lastname and your password is what you use to log in to your computer each day.

Nuts and Bolts

SRI/FRA needs to be given to all students sometime between January 5 and January 22. All 1st grade students will now take the SRI (no matter their previous FRA score).

Please close the K-1 pod doors after the AM walkers go out. We have kindergarten and first grade students wandering down to the pod before 8AM.

Infinite Campus grade books must be updated by the end of each Tuesday with the previous weeks grades.