The Three Little Pigs

By: Joseph Jacobs


The three little pigs are moving out of there mothers house and each go there own way. The first pig builds a house of straw, the second build a house of sticks, and the third builds a house of bricks.

Rising Actions

The wolf is very hungry and has the craving for pig. The wolf smells the pigs and walks to the first pigs house.


The wolf blows down the first pigs house and preceded to blow down the second pigs house. The 1st and 2nd pig run to the 3rd pigs house. The wolf runs after them and tries to blow down the 3rd pigs house.

Falling Action

The wolf fails and the pigs celebrate. The wolf gets desperate and tries to climb down the chimney. The pigs think quick and light a fire under in the chimney. The wolf burns his bumb and gets shot out of the chimney.


The pigs all build a big brick house and LIVE HAPPLY EVER AFTER!

BY: Annabel Fief