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November 16-20


Multiplication and Division

  • Solve division word problems with remainders
  • Understand and solve division problems with a reminder using the array and area models
  • Understand and solve two-digit dividend division problems with a reminder in the ones place by using place value disks
  • Represent and solve word problems requiring a reminder in the tens
  • Find whole number quotients and remainders



E. 1-4

We will work on these assignments in class, but students are welcome to work at home, too. :)

Videos and practice links to Module 3 (This is helpful for parents and students.)

Language Arts

Reading: Read, research, and read some more about wax museum topics.

Please be sure your child brings in materials each day.

Spelling/Root Study: All Eyes and Ears. For the next several weeks we will focus on root words, their meaning, origin, application, and spelling. There will be ten words on this list. You child may also choose to participate in the challenge list. This is open to any student who wants to put in extra effort. The test will be on Friday, as usual. Students will practice words through Spelling City and a word study sheet. This sheet is due on Thursday. At the end of the root study unit we will have a Spelling Bee.

Wax Museum

Our next public speaking assignment is a biography. Students will select a famous person who has made a positive impact on society. They will read, research, write, then present information in a life-like, first person format! This is an ECC tradition. Students have received their topics and should begin gathering information about the topic assigned.

Students need to bring materials to school each day. They will have time each day to work on this project. Though guided practice, students will compile notes, create four cohesive paragraphs, and edit their essays. The majority of this work will be completed at school. What does not get completed in class will be finished at home. However, I ask that students do not go ahead. Once the essay is complete, students can practice, practice, practice reciting at home.


We continue our study on Rapid Changes.
Lava song FULL version with lyrics Disney Pixar animated short film

Think Win-Win

We spend the next few weeks discussing, modeling, and role playing habit #4: Think Win-Win
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Coming Up

Nov. 25-29 Fall Break

Dec. 9 Wax Museum (ECC Auditorium)

Have a wonderful week!

~ Mrs. Jones