Million-Dollar Throw

Mike Lupica


Nate Brodie is a 8th grade star quarterback. He faces challenging times while his parents are losing their money and house and Nate's best friend Abby is going blind. Nate has the chance of a lifetime to throw a football on thanksgiving night to win 1 million dollars. If he makes this throw, Nate's life will change and be abe to help everyone he cares about.

Nate has the chance of a lifetime. Will he let everyone down or will he rise to the challenge and win one-million dollars?


Million-Dollar Throw takes place in a small town of Valley, Massachusetts. It is a small town with not much people around. A lot of the story takes place on the football field because that is where Nate goes everyday to throw the football around whether its with Abby, his friends, or in a game.
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About the author

Mike Lupica was born on May 11, 1952 in Oneida, New York. Currently, he is living in New Canaan, Connecticut. In Connecticut, Mike lives with his wife, daughter, and three sons. He graduated in Bishop Guertin High School and went onto college at Boston College. In 1777 MIke became the youngest writer on the New York Paper. Still today, he is a "regular" on sunday morning ESPN's show "The Sports Reporters." Mike's first successful novel was Travel Team, which was published in 2004. Other books he has written include The Big Field, Heat, and Summer Ball.

Final Reflection

2) Describe three things you learned from reading this book.

Never give up is a main part in this novel.

When Abby became more blind she eventually starting feeling like she can be like Helen Keller and get up to seem like she isn't blind. Helping others is another main part too because if Nate makes the million dollar throw, he is going to spend it on his family's house and for Abby to get surgery on her eyes. Dealing with stress is a big part because Nate needs to learn how to deal with everyone seeming to put so much stress on him to make the throw and still be the star quarterback on his team.

3) What was the best part of this novel? Focus on a particular chapter, scene, or interaction between characters. Explain completely.

In chapter three, Nate was about to throw the ball to make the million-dollar throw when Nate's "Hero" Tom Brady came out to talk and throw with him. This gave Nate that little extra courage to help Nate make the throw and win one-million dollars.

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