Skin Cancer

By: Rylie Hinds

How does it affect the body?

Skin cancer can have many effects on the body, but usually you can see it on the surface of your skin after the cancer has developed. Some examples of what you might see are irregular bumps, red, scaly patches of skin, or also just red bumps on your skin. If you leave those spots untreated, then the cancer can spread to the rest of your body resulting in serious complications. (
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How does it affect the mind?

Before, during and after treatment, your emotions might be overwhelming. You may also find yourself thinking about death and what it might be like to die. You may also be stressed about your treatment and treatment cost. It is important to remember that you have lots of support through your treatment and to keep the mindset that you will continue and you will never give up. (
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What puts me at risk for skin cancer?

Even though sometimes skin cancer is hereditary, there are ways to prevent skin cancer. Being out too long in the sun and getting burned is one thing that can cause skin cancer. A way to prevent that is to wear high SPF sunscreen to prevent getting burned, therefore preventing cancer. UV radiation is the number 1 cause of skin cancer so make sure that your sunscreen prevents that too. Tanning beds and other things that put off UV rays can also be a leading cause of skin cancer. (
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Early Stages Symptoms

  • Waxy, red, raised bumps
  • Hard bumps
  • Scaly patches of skin
  • a mole that changes in size or bleeds


Usually if you are getting treatment in the beginning stages of your cancer, it is pretty simple. They take care of all the small bumps and random patches of skin and then you are diagnosed after that for your individual needs. But if you have a tumor, they can do something called Moh's Micrographic Surgery. They peel of microscopic layers of your tumor/skin until the tumor is completely removed. This is for saving the most amount of healthy tissue. (
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The best way that I have seen to manage cancer is to stay organized. Writing down info at appointments and keeping a bank log book to keep track of your payments can also be helpful. Another thing to keep in mind is to live everyday to the fullest. If you do this and have no regrets, then you will remain calm and not stressed. ( My neighbor had a different kind of cancer but I chose this one because it is especially important to remember during the hot summer months.