Planet Neptune

About Planet Neptune

Neptune's place & Its name in Greek

  • Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun. It is the 4th biggest ( by diameter).
  • Neptune's name in Greek is Poseidon. His name is "The God Of the Sea.

The Planet's Profile

  1. Orbit:4,504,000,000 km from the sun.
  2. Diameter:49,532 km
  3. Mass:1.0247e26 kg
  4. ( Just so you can see where I got my info at.)

Some Pictures of Neptune

Guaranteed Awesome Planet!

Information on Neptune

Neptune has a nickname as you have read before. In 1613 the Galileo observed Neptune when it happened to be very near Jupiter! Another fun fact about Neptune is that Neptune has been visited by only one spacecraft on August 25,1989 which that spacecraft was called " Voyager 2". Neptune's composition is similar to Uranus's. It has various ices and rock with about 15% hydrogen, and a little helium. Neptune's result of blue color is from absorption of red light by Methane in the atmosphere but there id=s additional unidentified chromophore.


That is all of my information of Neptune. Hope you guys enjoyed it.
What Is Neptune?