The Bermuda Triangle

Will it blend?

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle , also known as The Devil's Triangle , is an area in the western part of the Nouth Atlantic Ocean. Various types of aircraft have disappeared are said to disappear in the triangle in unknown circumstances.

The Bermuda Triangle often displays violent weather.In the vicinity , compass failures will also occurr.

The three vertices (tips/sides) of the triangles are Miami , Bermuda Island ; San Juan , Puerto Rico.

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Flight 19 - The Mysterious Flight

Flight 19 was the designation of five TBM Avengers torpedo bombers that disappeared on December 5, 1945 during a United States Navy overwater navigation training flight from Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All 14 airmen on the flight were lost.
The bombers were flying over the Bermuda Triangle when the airmen reported compass failures.

The aircraft then mysteriously disappeared.This mystery remains unsolved.

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Beliefs and Theories

Many People linked the Bermuda Triangle to aliens , UFOs , supernatural beings and netherworld visitors.Though we might never know the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle

And now , Videos

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