2022-23 GHS Summer Update

for the week of 8/15/22

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Summer Note from Erica

Hello Parents and Guardians!

This summer newsletter will house any information you will need as we start another school year.

The first official weekly newsletter will be emailed on Monday, September 5th. Unless it is a holiday, expect a new GHS Weekly Update every Sunday evening.

I hope you find this newsletter helpful throughout the school year, as it is my primary communication tool for the GHS parent/guardian community.

Cheers to our 2nd year as a high school!!


Erica Walsh

Head of School


Need School-Related Information?

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Greenspire Parent Guardian Teacher Organization

The first official PTO is established for The Greenspire School District! Please contact PGTO President Rose Zivkovich at rosezivkovich@gmail.com with any questions.

Please complete the forms below to inform our PGTO of your ride share needs and involvement plans for this school year.





9th Grade and New Student Orientation

Tuesday, Aug. 30th, 5-7pm

2200 Dendrinos Drive

Traverse City, MI

9th Grade and New Student Orientation Schedule

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Additional Tables to Visit at Orientation!


GT Health Department

Torre in the Main Office- Is all of my student's paperwork in?

BATA Transportation

THREADS- Order some Greenspire Merch!

No School Pictures at Orientation or Open House

At Greenspire, we do not take school pictures until Mid-October. We will take ID pictures during the first 2 weeks of school.

Returning 10th and 11th Grade Open House!

Thursday, Sep. 1st, 5-7pm

2200 Dendrinos Drive

Traverse City, MI

Please feel free to arrive anytime during the open house! We will provide you with your schedule, locker assignment, and QR Code for school information. Visit with your teachers from last year and meet your new ones! (We will provide student IDs during the first two weeks of school.)

We have a NEW Carline Procedure! See Map Below.

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The New Greenspire Exit/Egress

We have a NEW Greenspire driveway at the University Center! NMC authorized this for a number of reasons, primarily to run a smooth carline without disrupting other UC business. It will also be used for emergencies, when necessary. GHS Student, Wyatt Anderson, is responsible for this innovative traffic-flow idea! His vision has come to life! Thank you, Wyatt!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: GHS is no longer authorized to exit via Dendrinos drive. We MUST exit using the Greenspire exit/egress.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I park in the UC Lot? YES, please park in the GREEN areas of the lot. If you choose to park for pick-up or drop-off, drivers STILL MUST USE THE GREENSPIRE EXIT, not Dendrinos Drive. This means you will likely need to merge into the carline to leave. GHS Staff will direct traffic to ease this process.

How long will I wait in the GHS carline?

Our goal is for this year's carline to run from 3:45-4:05. However, the first two weeks of school it will take up to 30 minutes.

Does GHS have student drivers?

Yes, 11th graders now have permission to apply for a parking pass. They will be parking in the green areas of the parking lot. Please be conscientious of these new drivers.

May I exit Dendrinos drive if I am in a hurry or if it is during the school day?

NO. NO. NO. NEVER EVER. NMC will be very upset with me if Greenspire does not use the expensive egress they made for us.

May I drop off my student in front of the Greenspire entrance?

YES!! Please drop off your student directly in front of the GHS Sign, then exit via the Greenspire egress.

Where should my GHS Carline Placard be placed?

Please place your GHS placard inside of your windshield so it is visible to the GHS carline staff.

What if I need more than 2 Placards? What if I lose it?

If you lose your placard or need extras at any point in the school year, please email torre.boone@greenspireschool.org and Torre will make more for your family.

Where will students load into vehicles?

Students will be located directly next to the new Greenspire egress for car loading.

How can I help Erica and Mike with carline dismissal this year?

WOW! Thanks for asking. email erica.walsh@greenspireschool.org

GHS 22-23 School Supply List

Find Out How We Communicate!

New Program Information

World Languages

Students will now have the option to choose between Spanish, German, and French to fulfill their World Language requirement. German and French will be delivered online through a platform called Robotel. Nicholas Jackson will be the GHS teacher mentor for these online courses.

New Courses

We have added two new courses this year: Outdoor Education with Katie Butera (10th/11th) and Electronic Portfolio (10th/11th) with Coreene Kreiser. We are very excited about how these courses will enhance the Greenspire learning experience!


We have selected Discovering Mathematics, by Kendall Hunt, as our concept-based math curriculum for the high school. We will teach using both online and textbook content. This curriculum is in addition to our Cross-Curricular PBL integration.

Pathway Seminar

The Pathway Seminar course is undergoing some slight changes this year. We now have one instructor for all Pathway Seminar classes (Nicholas Jackson) and these classes are now full length courses. They meet every other day. (Pathway Seminar explores our five academic pathway options, associated careers, and their community impact potential.)

We are still looking for Special Education Teachers!

Special Education Challenges

As we inch closer to the 22-23 school year, I am saddened to say that I have been unable to fill our special education teaching positions (2) at the high school. We are one of many districts in this position across the nation and I am unsure how to overcome this challenge. Our general education staff is very strong, so we will be able to meet the day-to-day learning needs of our students, but there is an immense amount of compliance reporting and meetings associated with a special education teacher's position. Without this teacher, much of this work goes undone. We have Northwest Ed Services to support us with our needs, but they are also severely understaffed. As many of you know, our current staff is 110% IN. We do whatever it takes to ensure that quality learning occurs, but I wanted to take a moment to express a hard truth we are facing in education right now: teachers are leaving the field in extreme numbers. As a result, I have openings that need to be filled immediately. Please spread the word.

GHS 2022-2023 School Year Staff Roster

District Superintendent: Dr. Robert Walker

Head of School: Erica Walsh

Curriculum Coordinator, 504 Coordinator, and Digital Arts Teacher: Coreene Kreiser

Dean of Students: Michael Schramm (NEW!)

Administrative Professional: Torre Boone

School Counselor: Sarah Schaub (NEW!)

Literature and English Teacher: Phil Girard

Social Studies Teacher: Caleb Corell (NEW!)

Spanish/Pathways Teacher: Nicholas Jackson

Physical Education and Outdoor Education: Katie Butera

Science Teacher: Roderick MacNeil

Mathematics Teacher: Rosie Said (NEW!)

Special Education Teachers (2): OPEN

Advanced Mathematics Volunteer Tutor: Sue Corwin

Instructional Aides (2): OPEN

GHS Staff Contact Information

GHS Teacher/Staff emails listed below*

Coreene.Kreiser@greenspireschool.org (Digital Arts, Film Studies, Curriculum Coordinator)

Nicholas.Jackson@greenspireschool.org (Spanish, Pathways, Online WL Courses)

Katie.Butera@greenspireschool.org (Physical Education, Outdoor Education)

Philip.Girard@greenspireschool.org (Literature and Technical Writing)

Roderick.MacNeil@greenspireschool.org (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Torre.Boone@greenspireschool.org (Attendance, Administration...Basically Everything)

Erica.Walsh@greenspireschool.org (Head of School)

Robert.Walker@greenspireschool.org (Superintendent of the District)

Rosie.Said@greenspireschool.org (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trig/Pre-Calc)

Caleb.Corell@greenspireschool.org (History, Economics, Civics)

Sarah.Schaub@greenspireschool.org (Counseling, Scheduling)

Michael.Schramm@greenspireschool.org (Dean of Students)

*Please be sure emails/notes to staff are kindly written. If you have a negative concern, please have your teen bring it to our attention (face to face is always preferred) prior to sending an email to a teacher or staff member.