Nursery workers, behind the sense.

Non direct workers are important to...

Are you a good team worker? You would be perfect for the job.

Being a team worker is so important when working in a nursery. Non direct workers have to work as a team to make the foundations of the nursery glue together. You will be the people who make everything happen without anyone knowing. Your important to the nursery.

Who do you want to be?

Do you want to be a cleaner who puts in place the important legislation's like COSHH. You will be helping the children come into a healthy and clean environment every day. You will be helping the team by saving time and working together.

A receptionist? You will protect the children from intruders and sorting out the paper work like registers for fire alarms and the safety of the children. You may even have the responsibility of looking after the children files and keeping in place the data protection act.

Can you cook? If you can, give the children a nice lunch and a full stomach for the rest of the day. The cooks help everyone and have a very important job of making the children enjoy every meal they have and catering for all the children, from allergies to the way they like their food cooked.

There are many more jobs for non direct care workers.

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