EAT Semester Exam

By: Lindsey ZImmer

TAFE/Ed Rising and TRAFLES

T- Teaching: I am an intern at Walker Creek Elementary in a Second Grade Class.

R- Recreational: We went to a Leadership conference at TCU but we plan on doing other things as well.

A- Appreciation (teacher): I gave my mentor teacher a Christmas gift and our chapter always does things for fellow teachers.

F- Fundraising: I participated in a cookie dough fundraiser for our chapter.

L- Leadership: I am a part of our chapter leaders as a co-competition advisor.

E- Education Awareness: Mrs. Kallas and I are putting together calculators out of Pringle cans for a math enrichment class.

S- Service: Our chapter is doing a canned food drive and I have talked to Mrs. Kallas and we are starting a service to get math tools out to school who need it.

TAFE/Ed Rising: I am state-bound with my fellow Ethical Dilemma competitors and we are more than excited.

My Future as a Teacher

I have already taken the PSAT twice through my school along with a Pre-ACT. Just recently I went to Fossil Ridge High School to take my SAT and L.D. Bell High School to take my ACT. I plan on taking each test two more times depending on my scores.

I am only a junior so my list of colleges is still a little too long than it probably should be but the colleges I have considered and plan on touring are University of Texas in Austin, Stephen F. Austin University, University of Houston, Texas Tech University, University of Oklahoma, and University of North Texas.

I have already visited University of Texas and have set dates to visit Texas Tech and Stephen F. Austin in the Spring. My dream school is UT because I love the people who attend, so nice and welcoming, and I love that its in the city. Austin is my favorite place on earth because of the vibe it gives and how confidant the people who there are in themselves.

University of Texas Website

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