reasons for seasons


1.earths rotation causes day and night

2. 23.5 degress, it takes 24 hours to rotate once

3. revolves around the sun, it take 365 days to revolve around the sun

4. earth's tilt and revolution around the sun causes its seasons

5. the season in the northern hemisphere is the exact opposite in the southern hemisphere.

6. where the north pole and south pole are because the sunlight shines on the face of the earth

7. in summer there is more sunlight and in the winter there is more night

8. June 21st summer solstice- longest day of the year, december 21st winter solstice- shortest day of the year

9.march 21st spring equinox, september 21st fall equinox. both equal days.

10. 24 hours

11. 12 hours because earths axis is not tilted torward the sun

12. there would be only two seasons, summer and winter

Part 2

13. each season would be shorter

14. no

15. we would have more summer than other seasons

16. yes because in different seasons we get direct sunlight and others you get indirect sunlight

17. they interact differently with each season.

18. the seasons wouldn't be long they would go by faster

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