Dynamic Broncos Weekly Update

January 19th - 23rd


We are halfway through third grade! The fourth six weeks of school began today. You should expect report cards coming home tomorrow. Please be sure to go over the comments page of the report card with your child.

As always, please get in touch with any questions or thoughts that are on your mind.

Writing Workshop/Reading Workshop

Third Graders continue to develop their brave, bold opinions. Today third graders chose their seed ideas from the entries they have been collecting in their Writer's Notebooks. When we have writing again next week, students will work on using everything they have learned about writing persuasively to turn these seed ideas into powerful persuasive speeches. Ask your child what strong opinion they have chosen to take from a seed into a terrific speech.

Please continue to chat with your children about their opinions at home. Encourage them to give reasons and examples to support their opinion and get others on board.

This week in Reading Workshop we will finish Because of Winn Dixie and wrap up our study of characters. Beginning at the end of January we will be conducting our mid year assessments. This will give us a clearer picture of how your child is progressing as a reader and what areas we will work on throughout the rest of third grade.

Please continue to support your child with the new nightly reading expectations. Kids should be reading for 25-35 minutes, logging their reading and stopping and jotting their thinking on sticky notes 2-3 times over the course of their nightly reading.

This work requires children to be engaged and alert. Please encourage your child to do their nightly reading in the afternoon or early evening, and not right before bed, when they may be tired and less able to focus.

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We will begin our new spelling cycle on Thursday. We will be sending an email with links to the spelling videos on Thursday morning. We will have our assessment on Friday, January 30th. Tic Tac Toe Grids will also be due on this day.


This week we will continue our work on subtracting, focusing on three digit subtraction story problems, the new subtraction strategy: constant difference, and estimating differences to approximate solutions and judge the reasonableness of your answers.

For homework this week, the children need to complete 5-7 levels in Dreambox. This assignment will be due on Monday. If your child is having trouble accessing Dreambox or is struggling to understand the assignments, please have them stay after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday for teacher support.

Should you need a refresher on accessing Dreambox, please visit the class website where the instructions are posted.


Last week we dove into our study of Tropical Rain Forests. We divided into interest groups to further study each layer of the rain forest. Ask your child about which layer they are focusing on and what they can teach you about this layer of the rain forest. Once we have become experts on each layer we will teach each other more about what we have learned.

Rhythms Night

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 6pm

Crusader Hall

Grandparent's Day

Friday, Feb. 6th, 7:45am

1112 West 31st Street

Austin, TX

If your child has a special grand-friend that you wish to invite, please contact Presh Ashe (pashe@sasaustin.org) immediately so an invitation can be mailed. If you will be dropping off your child with their grandparent(s), please do so on Bailey Lane and please take note that registration will take place in Nazro Hall.

Student attire for Grandparents Day is dress clothes; boys are asked to wear a coat and tie, dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, and socks; girls are asked to wear dress shoes and a dress, nice pants suit, or a skirt with a blouse.