Speech Language Pathologist

Lesly Navar

Career description

A speech language pathologist help their patients pronounce words and help them with any other speech related problems.

Duties, Responcibilities and Job Outlook

They help their patients in anyway they can to help them better their speech.

Speech language pathology is to grow 19% from 2012-2022

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Education and Requirements

For this occupation you would need a Master's degree perferably or at least a bachelor's degree. SOme skills you need to be a speech language pathologist is to be an active listener, critical thinker and be a good speaker.

Salary/ Work Enviornment

Speech language pathologists earn about $69,870. They can work around hospitals, schools, and their own business.

Related Courses & Expirience

To be a speech language pathologist you can become an intern or an assistant before to get use to the job.