The Industrial Revolution

The benefits help us today

The Inventions

The Industrial Revolution influenced many inventions that we still use today. Some of the inventions help us with a lot of things today. For example, the escalator was invented in 1891 by Jesse w.Reno and it is still used today. Another invention that we use today is the sewing machine, invented by Isaac Singer in 1850. Singer invented the handle crank machine that was attached to the side with a foot pedal so that it would be easier for the people to use both of their arms instead of only one of them.

Transportation advancements

The Industrial Revolution allowed for new methods of transportation. For example, roads were used to provide easier and quicker travel. In addition, railroads were created which was an easy way for people to transport goods and travel from many parts of the country.

Job Opportunites

Finally, the Industrial Revolution sparked job opportunities for Americans. Author Joy Hakim describes the early stages of Americas change from farming society to an industrial society in the document that we read in class. According to the primary source document about industrial workers, women had job offers like never before. Industrial workers experienced opportunities to work in a textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell was one of America's first industrial towns.

Concluding thoughts

Overall, the Industrial Revolution had more pros then cons. While there were negative aspects, such as child labor, abusive situations in factories, and long working hours, the benefits are stronger because they effect us today. Without the inventions, transportation, and job opportunities during the Industrial Revolution, America would not be where it is today.

by Ivonne Rondon