Debating on choosing Donald T ? Don't over think it don't

Which candidate should not win the Election of 2016?

Whether you’re conservative, republican, liberal etc any proponent of any limited government, or anyone who believes that a presidents is considered to have too much power already, should not think of this match up as a contest between horrifying candidates that can only ruin America. Rather, you should ask yourself which scenario would be more damaging. I’m pretty sure as well as other Americans you will find that Donald Trump is the form of the Destruction. Donald Trump doesn't just discriminate Mexicans, he also believes death penalty should be allowed, as well as not agreeing with same sex marriage.

Don't vote for Trump

You think Trump will make America great again ? You are getting fooled. Making America great again is not taking peoples opportunities away , opportunities of coming here and getting a job to sustained their families, getting education that will help them be someone in life . Taking this minor things away from them is taking their dreams of being someone in life.

Ariana Alvarez

September 16, 1026

2016 Election project