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Instructional Ideas and Recommendations for Read Aloud

I think we all agree that read aloud is one of our most treasured times of the day as a teacher. In this week's newsletter, I am sharing some of my favorite new book recommendations and blog posts related to read aloud.

I hope everyone will consider participating in World Read Aloud Day on February 24th! I've included a link to some great resources and ideas you can use in your classroom. You can even schedule a time for your class to Skype with an author! Another idea to celebrate the value of read aloud is to invite guest readers (parents, principals, community members) to come share a picture book with your class on February 24th!

The Maine DOE is recognizing the value of read aloud this month with a Read to ME campaign. Research shows that reading aloud to children 15 minutes a day can have a significant impact on the literacy development of our learners! Check out this link for details about how you can use social media to participate in the challenge!

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Recommended Blog Posts

Top 10 Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo (from the Nerdy Book Club)

Pairing Fact and Fiction Texts for Read Aloud by Melissa Stewart

Ten Surefire Tips for Maximizing Student Reading Stamina by Laura Robb

World Read Aloud Day ~ February 24

Classroom Kit of Resources for World Read Aloud Day

There are authors still available for FREE classroom Skype visits on February 24. Use this link for information on how to contact an author!

I'm The Kind of Reader Who...

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Book Recommendations for Transitioning Readers

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I highly recommend this blog post on Chapter Books for Transitioning Readers by Arika Dickens from the Nerdy Book Club! These titles are excellent read aloud choices for primary classrooms or independent reading book recommendations for transitioning readers!

Read Aloud Recommendations (Grades 3-5)

At WES, we have discussed Rain Reign, Milo Speck and Crenshaw as part of our children's literature book talk. We highly recommend these titles as outstanding read alouds for upper elementary classrooms!

Book Recommendations for Growth Mindset

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JoEllen McCarthy continues to update her book recommendations for helping our students develop a growth mindset! Some of these titles are available in the mentor text collection at Atwood and in our school libraries.

Last week, the teachers at WES watched a Ted Talk titled, The Key to Success? Grit. Angela Lee Duckworth explained the best way to help our students become grittier is by helping them develop a growth mindset!

Shelly Moody

Instructional Coach, K-5

Atwood Primary School

Williams Elementary School