Happy Summer

So Long, Farewell, See you soon!

June 2013

Dear Parents,

I can’t believe that the year has come to an end. I always have such mixed emotions at this time of year. It’s so rewarding to look back and realize all the growth of the children, and yet so sad to let go of them. This is a fun and energetic group of children, and they have made each day fun and enjoyable. I know they will do well in sixth grade. I truly have the best job!!

Please encourage your child to read this summer. There is lots of research about how reading can close learning gaps and prevent setbacks for students. I included a list of books that I love with the report card and here is a link to a site with lots of book lists. http://summerreading.org/booklists.php For more motivation tell your kids I am going to read a new book called Wildwood by Colin Meloy and the first in a series by Jon Stephens entitled The Emerald Atlas. I had hoped to share these with the kids as read alouds, but they missed out!

I want to thank you for all of your support this year. I appreciate your time, energy and patience. Please keep in touch. I love hearing about how your children are doing and their successes!