Anthrax [Bacillus anthracis]


The ways to contract Anthrax are either through inhalation, injection, consumption, or through an open wound. Once inside, Anthrax attacks anything it can, but when inhaled, it targets the victim's lungs, releasing chemicals and causing cold/flu like symptoms. This gradually becomes Pneumonia, in which 95% of people do not recover from. Many do not realize that what they have is Anthrax until the later stages when it is too late. It is transmitted through the air, or can be found in dead animals.


Anthrax can come in many forms. In cutaneous Anthrax, You may get a small, raised sore that’s itchy. It looks like an insect bite. The sore develops into a blister. It then becomes a skin ulcer with a black center. This doesn’t usually cause pain. The symptoms develop within one to five days after exposure.

In Ingestion, symptoms usually develop within a week of exposure. Symptoms of anthrax ingestion include nausea, loss of appetite, fever, swelling in the neck, bloody diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain.

People who inhale anthrax develop symptoms within a week. But symptoms can develop as quickly as two days after exposure and up to 45 days after exposure. The symptoms of inhaling anthrax include cold symptoms, a sore throat, a fever, achy muscles, a cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, shaking, chills, and vomiting.


Anthrax is often found in dead animals. This is the only place other than in a laboratory that it can be found. Now, it is not even found in laboratories as often due to the results of the 2001 Killings. It is found in soil but not in high enough quantities for it to effect someone through inhalation. Do not consume soil. There have not been any cases of Anthrax in the US


Anthrax can be prevented by either not coming into contact, or taking the prevention shot. The ways to help those already infected are to prescribe Penicillin or a medication of this kind immediately. Trying not to work with dead animals without cleaning first is a major way of prevention, as animals are the number one carrier of Anthrax.