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June 2017

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The quality of an exemplary teacher is demonstrated by their willingness to set and maintain the highest standards for themselves and students.

-Robert John Meehan


Professional Development Submitted by Lin Causey

Maze Day Submitted by Heather Lister

Early Learning Progressions Submitted by Bethany Mayo

Kids Helping Kids Walk (Bryce Martin Foundation) Submitted by Sandy Bryant

Staff Birthdays for June

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Professional Development Opportunities

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Little Voices for Healthy Choices

The Little Voices for Healthy Choices (LVHC) is a national initiative for Early Head Start (EHS) and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) programs. It was developed to promote wellness in infants, toddlers, and expectant families. The initiative includes training and resources with strategies designed to address healthy nutrition, physical activity, brain development, and sleep for children birth to 3, their families, and communities.

For more information please visit:

Building a Dynamic Brain: The Influences of Music, Movement, and Nutrition

View this webinar to explore brain and motor development as it relates to infants, very young children, their families, caregivers, and communities. Developed as part of the Little Voices for Healthy Choices Initiative, Early Head Start staff may use it in their daily work. The webinar features Dr. Donna Britt from the Early Head Start National Resource Center and Teaching Artists from Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts.

Little Voices for Healthy Choices: Nurturing Bodies and Minds from Birth to Three

This webcast introduces the Little Voices for Healthy Choices (LVHC) Initiative. LVHC looks at music, movement, nutrition, brain and motor development, and sleep for infants and toddlers. Explore the materials and multimedia available to Early Head Start programs. The webcast also includes video clips of Teaching Artists from Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts.


No registration required. No certificates offered. Follow N.C. ITP protocol for credit. (See below).

Remember if an approved source for Infant Toddler Professional Development does not offer a certificate upon completion, the individual should attach the following to their “NC ITP Documentation of Continuing Professional Development” form:

• Available slides, handouts, documents, and other training materials associated with the training;

• A statement about how the training supports evidence-based practices for infants and toddlers; and

• A write-up of how you will apply the information learned from the training in your work.


Maze Day 2017

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The 2017 Maze Day was held in Chapel Hill on Wednesday, May the 3rd. "Maze Day is an aMAZing event for students K-12 who are visually impaired and blind. Students, educators and families will enjoy navigating through the life-size physical maze, playing the classic computer/iPad games and a wide-variety of new games and activities. Spend the day side-by-side with UNC students playing and providing feedback on their crazy-fun accessible games. Maze Day is a free event hosted by the computer science department..." (Paths to Technology/Perkins eLearning) Five ELSSP/VI staff were able to attend Maze Day. Please take a look at the pictures below to see just a few of the awesome things ELSSP/VI experienced at Maze Day.
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Early Learning Progressions

The North Carolina Early Learning and Development Progressions: Birth to Five are an expansion of the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development (2013). Learning progressions were developed for each identified goal in four developmental domains, and show the steps through which children develop skills from birth to five years. During the first year of life, progressions are provided for skills achieved at two-month intervals; during the second year, three-month intervals; and from thirty-six to sixty months, skills are noted at six-month intervals. The comprehensive observation guidelines include age level, skill being observed, situation for observation of skills, strategies for eliciting the skill, if needed, what observed behavior indicates achievement of the skill, and routines-based intervention or embedded instruction. Instructions for navigating the NC Early Learning and Development Progressions: Birth to Five can be found here.

Kids Helping Kids Walk & Festival 2017

The Kids Helping Kids Walk & Festival is a fundraiser for the Bryce Martin Foundation. ELSSP/VI staff (Lori, Sandy and William) set up an information booth at the festival to provide information about the ELSSP/VI Program. Proceeds from the Bryce Martin Foundation support kids with visual impairments by funding summer camps, Exploration Learning Center, Therapy Equiment, Braille Learning Tools and Mobility Classes.
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June Staff Birthdays

June 29th Maria Cobeo

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