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The grandson of cyrus and son of darius he became king in 486 BCE. he was not darius' first born son but he was the first born of his marriage. if his older brothers mom had not been a commoner he would not have become king. He was born in 519 BCE, and died 466 BCE. He lived for 53 years.

His greatest accomplishments as king

He was the first king to personally lead his army into battle.

Ending the revolt in Egypt.

he also had amazing architecture accomplishments such as Susa and Persepolis


Xerxes had many accomplishments, he had giant statues made in his honor in Susa and Persepolis. He also had built an army and navy comparable to the strength of the united states. He was able to over power Greece.

Was he a good leader?

Xerxes was a good military leader, but he was selfish and a tyrant towards his people. He only wanted victory and glory and to be known as the strongest king in history. His first act was to invade Greece showing how he was power hungry.

What role did he play in Persian history?

He was a powerful king who ruled The Persain Empire from 486-465 BCE