2015 Women in Leadership

UWB Award Recipients

Congratulations to the nominees and award recipients of the 2015 Women in Leadership Awards!

This year we recognized over 126 women leaders for their work on campus and in the community. It is our honor to share the names of the four individuals selected to be highlighted for their work on the University of Washington Bothell Campus.

Student Recipients of the 2015 Women in Leadership Award

Jerusalem Gebresenbet
Jerusalem is powerful, and other students naturally look to her for leadership and role modeling. She is also active in other student clubs and organizations, and has been a tireless advocate for the IDEA Project. She is instrumental in the ongoing work for a Women's Center at UW Bothell, and has helped to build such a strong foundation for this movement to push forward after her graduation.

Alejandra Pérez

Ale has always stood up for her rights and for others'. She has been an active and influential member of the movements for undocumented students. She organizes training for staff at UWB on how to better assist students who are undocumented as well as being a resource to those students when they need any help. Even as a young adult, Alejandra has done more advocacy work than some people do in their whole lives. She is Latina, a dreamer, and a dedicated activist.

Faculty Recipient of the 2015 Women in Leadership Award

Dr. Janelle Silva

Janelle is a remarkable mentor for students at UWB. She motivates students to value diverse identities, identify institutional barriers, and think of how to get their needs addressed. Her students have thought about what it means to support diversity and minority rights in our community, and made the demand for a diversity center and a women's center, a crucial public demand for our community.

Staff Recipient of the 2015 Women in Leadership Award

Dr. Cheryl Stolz

Dr. Cheryl Stolz is dedicated and committed to serving and supporting students holistically, and I hear wonderful things about her from the students she works with. I was also so inspired by Cheryl's words and wisdom at the Drag Brunch last quarter where she made time to speak to the tremendous importance of supporting and empowering LGBTQ+ people in our communities and how to do so. She spoke with passion, conviction, grace, and honesty.

Congratulations to all award recipients and nominees - you are all phenomenal leaders. Keep doing amazing things, and thank you for all you do for our campus community!