By; Meredith Holt

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Phillip II-

The first actual Spanish king. He was a very devout Catholic and gets involved in a lot of religious but defeats the Ottoman Turks. Phillip attempts to invade England but fails. Spain inherits Holland but treats Dutch Catholics very harshly. He taxes the Dutch to pay for the Spanish's Wars but in a result to that, the Dutch Revolt.

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The family ruling Spain was the Hapsbourg's.

Other Monarchs-

Charles V was another king of Spain an was also the first unified king.


The main religion of Spain was Roman Catholic.


The gold and silver coming from the Americas made Spain temporarily weathly, and in that time Spain became one of the world's largest empires.


Spain goes to war againist the Ottoman Turks and defeats them. Phillip tries to invade England but fails miserable and because of Phillip's harsh treatment to the Dutch people, they revolt againist Phillip and Spain.

The Spanish Armada-

In 1588 Phillip launched the Spanish Armada in an attempt to punish Protestant England and its queen. Elizabeth had supported subjects who had rebelled against Phillip.

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