Environmental Study Project

Marley Ivette


The High weather in January 71 and the lowest in January 49. The Highest weather in February is 74 and the lowest is 52. So basically the weather is mostly hot and the rainfall affects us residents because sometimes the rain rains too hard and damage the house or town.

Natural Disasters

The natural disasters that mostly happen here in Florida is tornadoes and earth quakes. It effects how we live because these earth quakes tear down our houses. It only comes around when there is a lot of rain sometimes in the summer. it rains a lot in the summer we don't really know why but it does rain a lot. in the winter it never snows because its not that cold . Rain and cold make snow but it doesn't really rain in the winter


Orlando's history dates back to 1838 and the height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S Army built fort gatlin south of the present day Orlando city. Orlando was originally called Jernigan. Then six years later they changed Jernigan was changed to Orlando. Orlando was found by a guy named Mr.Orlando.


Orlando is a great place to visit and its better to place to live. The houses are mostly one story and not two story.the sports are focused on basketball and football mostly of the time. soccer is sometimes more for Hispanics to watch. im Puerto Rican and Dominican


the wildlife here is pretty basic all we mainly have birds. our cats and dogs are home pets so they are not considered wildlife but we do have some more wildlife i don't really know.wildlife here isn't really popular unless you consider the zoo wildlife but no we really don't have any wildlife but birds


my culture is to cook and eat Hispanic food and Hispanic dancing like bachata and salsa but that's what my culture is because im Dominican and Puerto Rican . other people have all different kind of cultures like Africans carry stuff on their head when other people carry stuff on their back or waist . we all have different cultures

Overall Reflection

All of what i said makes up my community because most people have different thinking's of their community but what i think of my community is that we have very special community like we have weird weather and we have not that much wildlife so that's what i think of my community

My Map