The Skylab Missions

By: Joie J. Lew

What is it?

Skylab is the first ever launched space shuttle in the U.S. It was launched at the Kennedy space center on May 14, 1973

What is the Skylab missions?

The Skylab missions was to send the U.S.'s first shuttle like most other countries. This project helped spark the beginning of the space project company known as NASA. There were 9 overall crew members, but below are the 3 main crew members.

The Skylab shuttle!

The Skylab shuttle weighs in at 169,950 pounds! And it has lots of compartments! There is a solar observatory, workshop, mission control room and sleeping pods!

Out in space!

The Skylab shuttle stayed in parked orbit for 2,249 days until reentering the earth's atmosphere. It had helped deliver information to the U.S. and helped with everything here on earth. Before you know it, it was reentering.

Back on earth.

Back on earth, all the people were betting on where and when the shuttle would land. People made merchandise and sold it and made lots of money. People even put huge bulls-eyes and tried to estimate their landing areas!

Man! It's hot in here.....

They had soon returned and was entering the atmosphere. There was a miscalculation by 4% and the shuttle burnt into debris, most landing in Western Australia.

What happens next?

The entire thing burned to bits and most of the shuttle landed in western Australia. The entire world was very excited yet very sad. Soon everyone was looking for a piece of this amazing shuttle.

Crazy skylab hunt!

People hunted and searched for just the smallest piece of the Skylab and a man in Australia had found part of the engine right on his front step. Literally. And he sold it to a company here in the U.S. and got a million dollar reward.

The skylabs continue!

Now there are multiple SKYLAB missions and soon there might be even more! NASA has released exclusive information about having a larger more efficient shuttle being sent out in the near future.