The Articles of Confederation

Sunrise:1781 Sunset:1789

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The Articles of Confederation was created after the American Revolution to act as the first example of government that united the 13 states. It was drawn up by the second continental congress, included a unified army for the states, allowed the people to vote, and offered the ability to deal with foreign countries. These were all good strengths of the articles but it consisted of several weaknesses too. The National Government could not enforce laws or tax. At least nine out of thirteen states had to approve in order to pass a law and all thirteen were needed to amend the law. Lastly there was no Executive or Judicial branch. These weaknesses created more havoc for the people as they begin to suffer even more economically when each state started taxing one another, putting a toll on trade. Under the Articles, the freedom, liberty, and popular sovereignty was protected. The people were sketchy about the National Government at the time so this is most likely the reason that the articles were so weak and limited the central powers of the government so much.