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What's happening in Berkman's School Counseling Program?

Guidance Lesson Recap - September 8-19

I was so excited to start classroom guidance lessons this month! I appreciate all of the teachers' help with creating a schedule that will work for everyone. I started guidance lessons with Pre-K through second grades on a week when many of the teachers had substitutes for training with Dr. Lassiter! I was pleasantly surprised at the respectful, attentive behavior from all of the classrooms, on just the third week of the school year with substitutes in the classrooms. I think this is a real testament to the work we have all done to explain and model appropriate behavior and to live by our social contract throughout our school. Well done, everyone!

In Pre-K, we read the book Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen. We practiced using our eyes, ears, hands, and bodies to show good listening behavior.

In all of the other grade levels, we read the book Stuck (Atrapados in Spanish) about a boy named Floyd who has a small problem when his kite gets stuck in a tree. The only strategy Floyd knows to use to solve this problem is to throw things at the tree, which also get stuck. By the end, Floyd has made a small problem much bigger, and although he gets his kite back in the end, he also will probably end up in trouble from all of the things still stuck in the tree. We talked about ways to solve problems that won't make the problem bigger, and that it is important to try a different strategy if the one we are using isn't working. I encouraged the students not to get "stuck" when they are having a bad day, or if they have a problem.

Counselor Awards

The counselor award was introduced in each classroom during guidance lessons this round. Congratulations to Ms. Sommer Smith's class for earning the Bee Responsible Award for doing an amazing job at our first fire drill (and with a substitute!) . Also, congratulations to Ms. Rivas' class for earning the Bee Thinkers Award for being great participants with the guidance lesson, making incredible connections and predictions. Mr. Negrete's class won the Bee Readers Award when I observed them working with their book boxes while he had a group. His students were telling me all about their books and sharing predictions. There are so many wonderful things happening, I know it will be hard to decide who wins the award next!