The Know It All Pencil

A pencil that remembers everything it writes! -Kinsey Skroh

Have you ever needed help with remembering things that you learned that one day at school and you forgot it?

The Know It All Pencil is the new thing. It helps with school work, homework, and thing that you may sometimes forget.

There are many different kinds you can get!

Best Pencils Ever

You can do many things with this pencil!

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Monday- Friday from 8am-10pm

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The Know It All Pencil

This pencil is not only for knowing all the things that is writes, but you can also change the color to any color that you want. If you wanted to print what you want you could just click that "save" button on the pencil and you could hook it up to your computer and download it to your computer and save and print it!

Thanks for trying out the new "Know It All Pencil"!

The Know It All Pencil!

Friday, June 7th, 8:30am-10:30pm

Ennis, TX

Ennis, TX

This pencil will be on sale from 50%-75% off! Will will open our store will open at 8:00am and we will close at 10:30pm.

Hope you come out and check out our pencils that are on sale!